For the special needs bike/run bags

For the special needs bike/run bags

I just came back to edit this entry bc it seems so random & out of place. A little explaining should fix that. I am less than 3 days from my first full Ironman triathlon (Ironman Texas). I’m packing all of the gear & nutrition that I’ll need for the swim/bike/run. Rice Krispy Treats are one of my favorite race day snacks & I only recently discovered their awesomeness during the 2013 Chevron Marathon. You can squish it, leave it in the sun, or hold it in your hot sweaty hands for 5 hours & it will still be crispy & taste like heaven once you get around to eating it! It won’t be long before you’ll start to notice that food is very important to me, whether or not triathlon is involved!

They come individually wrapped in these blank wrappers (I’m assuming for mommies to write cute messages for their children’s lunches). Perfect for some motivational notes to self! I’ll be putting one in my special needs bags for both the bike & the run. Anyway, too much anxiety & excitement this week so I probably won’t be back to post until things settle down a bit.


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