Team I AM IM did it again

Team I AM IM did it again

I’m not going to write my race report here bc it’s already on Daily Mile

So happy to have completed IMTX with all my friends & family present, whether they were spectating or racing too. The team has grown tremendously since last year’s debut of the Nasty 9. This year we had over 20 members representing at IMTX. What I admire most about these guys is that they’re all in it purely for the enjoyment. The camaraderie is strong. If anyone we knew was cray cray enough to give it a whirl, these guys took them under their wings & showed them how to become a triathlete. If you ever wondered why our kits say HAM down the side, it means Hard As A Motherfckr. We like to go HAM on our workouts & reward ourselves with food & beer. They are my Hamily ๐Ÿ™‚

So thankful for my hamily… for the volunteers who saved me from heat exhaustion, the friends & family who came out to support us, my super duper masseuse Ashley (Salus Massage) who kept my body in working order throughout my training, Tad Hughes for the best bike fit I could ask for, Johnny at Third Coast Training for teaching me to swim, & Bay Area Schwinn for all my gear. So happy & grateful right now ๐Ÿ™‚




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