“Quit bitching & change your life”


I just read this little book by Jennifer Boykin… twice in two days. My lovely friend Samantha sent this to me over a month ago. I wish I hadn’t waited that long to finally read it. Just wanted to share as I truly believe this is the most beautiful gift from the heart. Little essays on life survival. Though I am not currently at a place in my life where I need a breakthrough, this book just confirmed that the life-changing decisions that I made over a year ago were right for me. It also confirmed that I am on the right track right now. And it makes me excited for what the future holds. It makes me love myself & love my life for what I make of it.


Besides the recurring tagline “quit bitching & change your life,” this is what I got from it for today. There is so much more that may become relevant on a different day. But for today & each day going forward, this is going to be my mantra:

Make your life an unbroken chain of decisions to be happy. To be grateful. To appreciate what is, rather than lament what isn’t. Today I choose to live my life fully. Today I will choose to see my challenges as strength training. Have fun. Make good choices.

Now go & live.


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