Moving Forward


It’s been busy around here. This month is exactly one year since the divorce & since making big plans to refocus certain things in my life. I’m finally leaving that transitional stage & beginning a new chapter. The holes in my soul are full of life again & I gotta say I’m quite happy. Been spending some quality time with Fabrice & the babies. In early June, there was an unexpected turn of events & Fabrice moved back to Houston. I don’t have to study for California boards anymore! yay!! And luckily he found a great job in Houston before the job search even began. I am so grateful & proud. There have been lots of fun distractions like finding a new apartment, furniture shopping, car shopping, all of which he & I have successfully accomplished in these past 2 weeks. We are moving to the new apartment in a quieter neighborhood near the galleria in a couple weeks, so we have lots of packing to do now. Lots to look forward to!


My training has made its way back to a normal trend (~4x/wk) but not anything like IM training. Swimming is still my favorite & I very seldom skip the swim days. Strength/core training has been the easiest to get back to, so I usually swim/strength train on the same day twice weekly. I’m still making excuses & skipping most run days. I finally got back on the bike… it only took a month of avoiding it. I really don’t miss having a bike seat up my ass for hours at a time, but the need for speed was becoming very agitating. I feel like I’m starting back at square one again. The intensity is pretty low & I haven’t consistently gotten back to doing long workouts on the weekends. It must be because my priorities are somewhere else right now. It must be time to sign up for another race. I got picked in the lottery for the Chevron Marathon again, but that wasn’t enough to get me going. I need a triathlon. Karen gave me her bib for the Freedom Sprint Tri last weekend, but I chose not to do it for a myriad of reasons. (I was on little to no sleep, was on my feet all day furniture/car shopping, leg/back cramps, couldn’t get home early the night before due to road closures in my neighborhood for the Pride parade in Montrose, didn’t have dinner til 11pm & hadn’t even packed.)I was famished & it was sure to be a wasted effort. I just went out there to cheer on Sylvia. Glad to have my teammate back after her foot surgery last March due to Morton’s Neuroma.



I wanted to try something new & recently tried running in the trails hidden inside Memorial Park for the first time. It was pretty fun, but the temperatures were in the triple digits & the trees didn’t allow any breeze. I found myself feeling extremely claustrophobic & desperately gasping for air. (The pics above are in the wide open spaces where I caught my breath & got to stretch my legs). I may have to try this again once the weather cools down. Plus it’s kind of scary sharing such narrow trails with mountain bikers. Not something I’d do alone for sure. I had considered giving mountain biking a try, but decided that I would probably just freak out from being on the uneven terrain & being clipped in on a heavy ass bike. I guess for now I’ll stick to what I know.


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