The First Time

It’s been a crazy July. I’m in a new home now. The dreaded task of unpacking & reorganizing is on the brink of completion. My new gym membership has begun. Most of my friends have gone back to Ironman training (for IM Arizona in November), so now I’m left here trying to figure out how to reinvent myself as I have chosen a different route… no full Ironman in the coming year. Training came to a stop for a while, first because I needed rest, then to focus on reconfiguring life, then to move, & now to recover from yet another slight lupus flare before I can give myself back to swim/bike/run again. I have 2 races lined up for this fall (Galveston 5i50 – olympic distance & Oil Man – half iron distance). Then Ironman 70.3 Texas in Galveston (April 2014). Can’t wait to try out my new gym & get back in the swing of things šŸ™‚

During this little hiatus from the sport, I’ve been thinking a lot, mainly reflecting on the things that have created a sense of fulfillment in the past & how I can use what I’ve learned to nurture that fulfillment. The year 2012 was the year of doing many things for the very first time. The concept of engaging in new activities gave me more drive to continue moving forward than anything or anyone has ever encouraged me to do before. It made me grateful. It made me achieve. It made me happy. Nearly every month I was trying something new & it was not only fun it made me feel so alive. Looking back, this is everything that I did for the very first time in 2012:

  • First open water swim (Twin Lakes)
  • First triathlon
    – First super sprint (Tri Girl)
    – First sprint (C Different Telfair Triathlon)
    – First olympic (5i50 Galveston)
    – First half iron (Ironman 70.3 Austin)
  • First trail race (Griffith Park Half Marathon – Los Angeles, CA)
  • First (& pray that it’ll be the last) divorce
  • First time living completely alone
  • First time running up a mountain (in Griffith Park) which I have since named Mt. Miso (Miso is my tiny dog lol)
  • First time riding 50+, 60+, & 70+ miles
  • First time buying a new car
  • First detox cleanse (3 months using Elemis)

With all that in mind, this is what I’ve done for the first time in 2013:

  • First 70+ mile ride alone
  • First century ride
  • First half ironman that was just plain FUN
  • First Ironman completion
  • First new home w/ boyfriend
  • First time clay shooting & owning a gun
  • First time not keeping secrets from my parents. Feels liberating to have everything out in the open & we can finally let loose & spend quality time together. My mom is a goofball [see pics below]
  • [and more firsts to come in the next 5 months of the year! When I have it all written down, it feels like I’ve done more in the past year than I had in the past 5 years! Pretty cool]

What have YOU done for the first time lately? šŸ™‚

Just bc I haven’t checked in in a while, I put these pics together to sum up the my month of July!



The New Home20130802-092335.jpg

The new Bat Cave!20130802-092403.jpg


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